These certainly are strange times but at the core of it there is sooooo much to be grateful for. Life is paradoxical and impermanent. In the meantime, eat your greens and wash your hands.


Triple-layered masks with HEPA filter insert. Both designs come in black and royal blue. Adjustable and comfortable. 
GIVE THANKS design, gold metallic print
THIS TOO SHALL PASS design, white print


    • 100% ringspun cotton
    • Three layers, 2-ply for pocket filter
    • Anti-microbial fabric that inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi to keep it clean
    • Anti-microbial fabric does not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease-causing organisms
    • Non-medical grade
    • 7 1/2" W (top) x 5" H (at center)
    • NAFTA Compliant

    Care Instructions:

    Wash thoroughly after each use
    Machine wash and tumble dry
    Anti-microbial properties will diminish with washing